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Customer Corner

A lot has happened since our last update, and we are very excited to introduce a new addition to the family. KaCees has installed a Self Serve Dog Wash and it is now open for business. We have also re-branded our gasoline (KaCees) to become a direct buyer from local refineries.

We have (2) two units available, the cost is $10 for (10) minutes of wash and dry time. We have towels, wash mitts and aprons to aid in the dog wash experience. Please visit our dog wash link to get more information on this great new service.

We have also changed our gasoline offering to become an independent, increasing our purchasing power. This will give our customers a cheaper price on the retail end regardless if cash or credit is used. Our new slogan “ONE LOW PRICE …. CASH/CREDIT” will be displayed when you pull into our facility. The colors have been changed to red, black and beige which gives a cleaner more inviting look.

Welcome to KaCees Car Wash, Gas and Dog Wash facility. It’s your one stop to get your car and your best friend looking their best!






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